In this modern era, everyone has become used to technology or we should say we have become technology based whatever we do, whether its mobile, washing machines, home and kitchen appliances, computers, laptops and number of electronic products, and the reason being we have become that much technology friendly is, they dwindle manual efforts, consume less time and make your work much easier and convenient. One thing is noticeable among all these as the product get technically advanced, its size starts reducing and become compact or smaller and most important the price range go quite cheaper, same theory can be applied in the case of USB drives.

There was a time when data storage and transferring had limited options and was time consuming. Very first, floppy disks were used for this purpose but a little storage capacity was the major drawback, then CDs and DVDs became the trend. But, they too had their own drawbacks of limited capacity especially with the CDs, moreover it's quite difficult to protect and protest them from scratches and other problems, while the rewritable CDs or DVDs could not do well as the problem of taking care of their safety is again not convincing and they are higher in price as well. Even Emails accounts had the same problems of limited capacity and time consumption, and after all of it revolutionary USB drives or so called Pen drives came in extremely small pen size in different colors, design and shape with amazing storage capacity and compactness.

You just need to insert your pen drive in the provided USB slot and it starts working with the greater performance capabilities. Now, so many models of cars, home music systems are launched in the market which supports pen drive, Therefore, there is no need to carry CDs or DVDs to listen your favorite collection of music, only a small pen drive would do a great job in lieu of carrying something else.

On the basis of the function and performing capacity USB pen drives can be categorized into various divisions like professional pen drives, USB drives, mini, micro pen drives, compact USB drives, USB drives HDD, Business USB drives and many more, that are used to solve different purposes; these pen drives offer you various options in color and shape, like spunky and playful colors for teenagers and women, standard gray and black for the professional and business persons. Carry the world in your fever and pocket a huge storage capacity device in the form of USB drive or Pen drive.

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